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We are committed to serving families both in and out of the classroom by providing a biblically based learning environment that instills a foundation of respect for each Child’s unique and individual development and needs. We provide a loving learning experience that prepares a child for a love of Christ, a love for each other and lifelong love of learning! We believe God has called us to bless each child with the opportunity to “Discover Him, Discover who He made us to be and to help each child Discover their identity in Him.” We integrate everything we believe into all we do and what we teach.”

Children playing while learning at Vista Christian Preschool

"We have appreciated your leadership and love at Vista Christian Preschool! You and your staff have faithfully and wonderfully carried out Christ’s command of bringing little children to Him! We are so thankful that our children have been among the blessed ones at your school. Thank you for your ministry, heart, care and love for our little ones."


“Thank you for blessing our family with such a loving experience here at Vista Christian Preschool!”


“My husband and I really appreciate the staff here at Vista Christian Preschool. We are so happy we made the decision to have our children attend this school. It makes a parent feel so good to hear their children talk about God, and let us know not to worry about things because “Jesus is in our hearts!” In the years past, we failed to introduce them to the Lord and it’s amazing to have this support to help bring Him into their lives. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.”


vista christian preschool

We follow the Montessori method for the natural development of children.
Children learn from their environment enveloping all their senses using "Sensorial" material.
The mastery of these materials is essential to the child’s success with math, language and writing.